Dunn Labortechnik GmbH 16. März 2020

Three new kits from Porvair Sciences for DNA Extraction, Purification / Concentration and Size Selection

Obtaining DNA from biological samples is the first and most crucial step in molecular biology. Eluting both high quality and high yield of DNA from a wide range of biological samples can be challenging and can impact the success of downstream applications.

To overcome this crucial step, Dunn Labortechnik presents a range of easy-to-use, easy-to-choose kits for DNA extraction, purification / concentration and size selection from Porvair Sciences.

Quickly recover high quality DNA from a myriad of source materials including stubborn, difficult-to-lyse biological samples.

By integrating the industry-leading proprietary filtration material, Porvair allows researchers to effortlessly and efficiently extract, purify and size select DNA. All Kits provide high quality DNA free from contaminants, salts, inhibitors, and degrading enzymes.

The DNA Extraction Kits allow you to use cells, tissue, blood or whole serum as sample, and it is possible to extract up to ~90 µg DNA from 5 x 106 cells. The quick 5 step protocol is phenol and chloroform free and leads to a high DNA yield and purity (see image).

The DNA Purification and Concentration Kits allow an easy yield of highly pure DNA.

The DNA Size Selection Kits are ideal for removing unwanted DNA fragments such as primer dimers, adapters or nucleotides. The bead free and quick protocol enables an efficient DNA recovery.

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