Dunn Labortechnik GmbH 26. November 2018

CO2-incubators: always the right size

With the NB-203 CO2 incubator family, N-Biotek offers a versatile product line that always fits your needs.

All models are characterized by excellent uniformity of temperature, COand humidity due to natural and forced air circulation, 6 side direct heating and 3 temperature sensors. Dual Beam IR COSensor, heated double doors as well as a stainless steel interior provide additional convenience for the user. By adding optional features, the incubator becomes exactly what you need. These options include tri-gas control, 25 mm access port, cooling control, copper chambers and a split inner door.

The NB-203 family comprises 4 different incubators ranging from 15.2 l to 850 l in capacity. The MiniCell™ NB-203M is the smallest family member and with 6.8 kg also the lightest. Due to its small size it fits easy in every clean bench.

NB-203 and NB-203XL are the medium and large family members. They are stackable thereby saving precious floor space.

NB-203XXL is the heavy weight of the family with 850 l capacity offering plenty of space for all your samples.

From N-Biotek we also offer a selection of CO2 incubators with integrated orbital shakers, shaking incubators, waterbaths, shakers and vacuum evaporators. 

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