Cellex Cell Professionals

Cellex Cell Professionals supports biopharma and academia with a full portfolio of services around Cell and Gene Therapy for research, clinical and commercial use. Our company has experience in providing most different starting materials, GMP manufacturing of autologous and allogeneic cell types, for instance for CAR-T technologies, which are genetically modified with retroviral and lentiviral vectors.

Our services

  • Own donor database - rapid access to donors with different specifications (HLA-type, gender, age, ethnical background …)
  • Customized products: leukopaks, bone marrow, whole blood, stimulated cells
  • Outstanding expertise with regard to allogeneic starting material (donor selection criteria, cell collection, allogeneic transplant immunology)
  • Standard CAR-T manufacturing process for quick set up of new products based on automated processes
  • Intermediate and final autologous and allogeneic product manufacturing
  • cGMP compliant production of IMPs and licensed cell therapy products
  • Complex logistics networks, individual transport solutions
  • Scheduling, transport and storage of all products at all temperature ranges up to ≤ -140° C
  • Profound experience in FDA and EU regulations
  • Boutique facility with large scaling capacities/ capabilities (from small suites to large ball rooms)
  • Analytical and manufacturing process development
  • Regulatory consultancy and audit capabilities
  • Project Management
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