OmicScouts GmbH

OmicScouts is a proteomics company providing innovative proteomics and integrated bioinformatics solutions for key issues in drug and biomarker discovery.

Founded in 2014 as spin-off of the TU Munich, the company supports drug discovery, disease and systems biology and (pre-)clinical research with abroad portfolio of advanced mass-spectrometry-based technologies. We provide and develop proteome-wide assays that work with native proteins in a physiological setting and enable the identification of small molecule drug targets, target engagement markers, molecular mechanisms of action and drug response biomarkers. Our proteomics technology portfolio encompasses chemical proteomics approaches and the licensed proteome-wide Cellular Thermal Shift Assay (CETSA) technology, as well as proteome-wide profiling technologies to study post-translational modifications, signal transduction, protein-protein-interaction, protein expression changes and much more.

We support outsourcing needs in drug and biomarker discovery, immunooncology as well as agricultural chemistry and other areas of research with customized solutions tailored to project-specific needs.

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