CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH

CLS Cell Lines Service supports the scientific community in conserving valuable cell lines since 1998. The CLS cell bank covers over 500 cell lines, increasing constantly. These cell lines have been isolated from various tissues, tumors and species, with the focus on human cell lines. Different cell line derivates such as genomic DNA, RNA, whole cell lysates, snap frozen cell pellets and other related cell culture supplements, such as media, increase the portfolio. In addition, different services such as STR-analysis, mycoplasma testing, transfection services, proliferation assays and many more can be provided by CLS. 

Permanent as well as primary cell lines are recognized as a major part in fundamental research. The increasing comprehension and knowledge of the complex processes inside each single cell enhance the understanding of the molecular processes of diseases such as cancer. This research supports the development of new therapies and drugs. Furthermore, the usage of cell cultures in vitro to clarify fundamental questions, can replace an increasing number of in vivo experiments, which are conducted in animals. CLS aims to support the scientists who are working in the Life Sciences, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Medical Diagnostics in the daily routine using in vitro cell cultures.

High quality products and good customer service are important values to CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH serving the scientific community around the world.

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