SIRION Biotech GmbH bietet kundenspezifische Engineering- und Fertigungsdienstleistungen für virale Vektoren für die Life-Sciences-Industrie an. Die Firma ist dabei maßgeblich auf die Verbesserung von  Transduktionseffizienz und -sicherheit viraler Vektoren spezialisiert, was Sie zu einem wertvollen Technologiepartner für Gen- und Zelltherapie-Entwickler macht. Ihre Technologie LentiBOOST™ findet Anwendung in mehreren Klinischen Studien.

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SIRION BIOTECH GmbH 15. Januar 2015

Meet us in person & help advance your lab!

Meet us in person & help advance your lab!

Discovery Summit 2015 16-17 March 2015,Cascais, Portugal

Drug Discovery Innovations 17-18 March 2015, Berlin, Germany

World Vaccine Cancer 2015 7-9 April 2015, Washington, DC

PEGS Adoptive T Cell Therapy 6-7 May 2015, Boston

ASGCT 18th Annual Meeting 13-16 May 2015, New Orleans

Bioforum Annual Convention 20-21 May 2015, Wroclaw, Poland

SIRION BIOTECH GmbH 19. November 2014

"Gene Therapy: The Time is Now"

"Gene Therapy: The Time is Now", titles Joshua Schimmer of Piper Jaffray his study by Lazard Capital Markets. Literally every week is there an announcement, publication or patent filing regarding viral vectors and their use in Gene Function Research, Target Validation, Gene Therapy or Vaccines. Difficult to keep track.

It is of critical importance to stay on top of the many developments; SIRION Biotech is leading the field of viral vector supplies in Europe for almost 10 years. Please find here Application Releases, SIRION's regular Newsletter on latest technical findings (please sign up for it below), News of Interest, Investor News and Media Coverage.

SIRION BIOTECH GmbH 1. August 2014


Sophisticated cell modeling stands at the core of Sirion Biotech's vision. Using modern cell technologies, Sirion help build better tools for modern cell biology, helping expedite medical research.

SIRION BIOTECH GmbH 16. Juli 2014


SIRION BIOTECH specializes in viral vector platforms and provides sophisticated cell modeling. This enables much improved target identification and compound screening in the drug, the food & cosmetic industries. It also allows for much better chances to succeed with primary cell immortalizations. SIRION BIOTECH is able to construct adenovirus serotype vectors serving as the basis for novel future vaccines with much improved immunity.

SIRION BIOTECH GmbH 28. Mai 2014

IZB im Dialog

Bei Genstudien ist weltweit Verlass auf virale Vektoren aus Martinsried SIRION Biotech katapultiert sich zum internationalen Partner akademischer wie industrieller Einrichtungen mit neuesten viralen Vektoren. Den vollständigen Artikel anbei kostenlos zum Download

SIRION BIOTECH GmbH 21. Mai 2014


LentiTHERAPYTM is a brand new 3 step process allowing for cell type specific transduction, significantly improved transduction efficiences and applicable even in clinical research settings. Step 1: Retargeting antibody fragments on the virus envelope. These fragments have a high affinity and specificity to peripheral proteins of cell surfaces, allowing targeted precision of viral transduction. Step 2: LentiBOOST™ increases the permeability of cell membranes, allowing lentivirus easy access. The chemical basis for LentiBOOST™ pharma grade is non-toxic and is used as a standard component in pharmaceutical pill formulation. Step 3: Spinoculation increases the number of virus particles binding to the cells through centrifugal inoculation, enhancing the effectiveness of LentiBOOST™ and the retargeted envelope even further. Enjoy sufficient genetic modification even in hard to transduce cell types. Tested positively for CD30 & primary T cells. The figures show transduction experiments in different T-cell lymphoma cell lines (KARPAS-299, SUP-M2 and SUDHL-1) incubated at MOI 10 or with copGFP-coding lentiviral particles +/- a spinoculation protocol, LentiBOOST (TM) and retargeted scFv-CD30 VSV-G lentivirus. LentiTHERAPY™ is effective independent of cell type. The steps of this system influence each other synergistically, as demonstrated in the figure above. The treatment is effective at different MOIs and ideal for treating otherwise hard to transduce, therapeutically relevant cell types.