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Cube Biotech ist Anbieter für Dienstleistungen für die Expression, Reinigung und Kristallisation von Proteinen mit Schwerpunkt auf den pharmazeutisch relevanten Membranproteinen. Zusätzlich produziert Cube Biotech Matrices für die Affinitätschromatographie von Proteinen. Produkte wie proteinspezifische Affinitätsmatrices werden auf das Serviceprojekt zugeschnitten und vervollständigen das Angebot.

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Cube Biotech GmbH 19. August 2016

New: Mouse nanodisc proteins!

Meet the new members of our nanodisc family:

mouse scaffold proteins and assembled nanodiscs.

Nanodiscs are efficent tools for membrane protein stabilization. They contain human membrane scaffold proteins (MSPs) which can be immunogenic in mice. Today, we introduce mouse MSPs to overcome these limitations. And for cell-free expression of membrane proteins, ready-to-go assembled mouse nanodiscs are available, too...

Cube Biotech GmbH 10. September 2014

Meet the Cube team!

Meet the Cube team! - Murnau Conference, Sept 10-13 - GPCRs in Medicinal Chemistry, Basel, Sept 15-17 - ICCBM, Hamburg, Sept 17-20

Cube Biotech GmbH 14. August 2014

UK & Ireland Special Edition 08/14

This is a special edition of our -normally quarterly- CubeNews for our customers in the UK and Ireland. Effective August 1, 2014, you can again place orders directly with Cube. Enjoy free shipping until September 30, 2014!

Cube Biotech GmbH 4. Juni 2014

More value for money

IMAC MagBeads now at 25% concentration PureCube His Affinity MagBeads Magnetic beads are ideal for protein purification from dilute supernatants and for pull-down experiments. PureCube MagBeads are ferrimagnetic agarose beads coupled to a chelating ligand (IDA or NTA) coordinating nickel ions. Both ligand-metal systems efficiently bind histidine-tagged proteins. New: Now provided as a 25% suspension Binding capacity of up to 70 mg/mL (for Ni-NTA) Both IDA and NTA MagBeads available (what's the difference?) Matching anti-his antibody available For consistent separation of the magnetic beads from laboratory to production scale, we recommend Sepmag homogeneous biomagnetic separation systems. For higher expression levels and purification scales, we recommend using PureCube His Affinity Agarose. IMAC MagBeads loaded with transition metals other than nickel and cobalt are also available. Read more at:

Cube Biotech GmbH 19. Mai 2014

New stories from an old friend: Things you can do with IMAC

Special IMAC Applications Immobilized metal affinity chromatography, or IMAC, has been employed for many applications making use of its versatile interaction with aromatic nitrogens and phosphates. To this end, NTA and IDA matrices have been loaded with a broad range of transition metals, as optimized for the individual interaction. Most commonly used alternative transition metals are copper (Cu), iron (Fe), and zinc (Zn), but also gallium (Ga), aluminium (Al), and zirconium (Zr) are sometimes used. The list of applications is long and includes the following Purification of phosphorylated proteins and peptides (Fe, Ga, Al, Zr) Purification of zinc-finger or copper-binding proteins (Zn, Cu) Purification of his-tagged proteins with different specificity (Zn, Cu, Co) A broad range of NTA and IDA matrices loaded with alternative metals is available, as well as unloaded NTA and IDA matrices. Contact for more options and bulk orders.

Cube Biotech GmbH 23. April 2014

Ni-NTA and Co-NTA Agaroses [PDF]

The His tag is the most widely used affinity tag due to its small size, low immunogenicity, and versatility under native or denaturing conditions, as well as in presence of detergents and many other additives. Cube Biotech offers high-performance PureCube NTA Agarose, for purification of his-tagged proteins. - Highest binding capacity on the market (up to 70 mg/mL) - Superior DTT and EDTA stability (up to 10 mM / 1.5 mM, respectively) - Can be regenerated for reuse - Available as Ni-NTA, Co-NTA or loaded with other transition metals - Matching anti-his antibody available PureCube Ni-NTA Agarose is produced with a highly cross-linked agarose which is physically very stable and suitable for purification processes under low pressure (bulk purifications as well as packed in chromatography columns). Additionally, the high porosity and uniform size of the matrix allows for optimal protein interaction and high reproducibility between individual purification runs.

Cube Biotech GmbH 23. April 2014

PureCube Glutathione Agarose and MagBeads [PDF]

The GST tag is a 26 kDa protein that binds to glutathione-coupled agarose resins. This tag is considerably larger than the His tag and is often chosen to promote recombinant protein folding. Cube Biotech offers PureCube Glutathione Agarose and prepacked, FPLC-compatible columns for efficient purification of GST-tagged proteins. For purification from cell culture supernatants or pull-down experiments, we recommend PureCube Glutathione MagBeads. - protein binding capacity of up to 10 mg/ mL - compatible with a range of detergents and additives - Matching GST antibody now available!

Cube Biotech GmbH 23. April 2014

Nanodisc products and services [PDF]

Nanodiscs provide an exciting alternative for the stabilization of membrane proteins. Cube Biotech offers everything you need to get started with this novel technology. - Membrane scaffold proteins (MSPs) of different lengths: Our MSPs are available with an N-terminal 6xHis tag, or without any tag. They are lyophilized in 2 mg aliquots. For other variants, please contact us. - Nanodisc assembly kits: Can be used for direct reconstitution of proteins in cell-free expression experiments. One kit contains 2 mg lyophilized MSP, and the needed amounts of phospholipid (e.g. DMPC) and sodium cholate, conveniently prealiquoted and with a detailed protocol. - Pre-assembled nanodiscs: Available in different compositions and quantities. - Nanodisc services: As part of our membrane protein services, proteins can be expressed directly into nanodiscs in cell-free reactions, or reconstituted after purification. Contact us to discuss your project.

Cube Biotech GmbH 23. April 2014

PureCube Agarose XL [PDF]

Affinity chromatography is typically done with agarose beads with particle sizes of 40-150 µm. This material is very well suited for gravity flow and FPLC applications. However, for special applications, agaroses with exceptionally large bead sizes (300-500 µm in diameter) are more useful than the standard products. These include: - Automated purification using pipetting robots: Large beads sediment fast by gravity, and bead carryover and bead loss during pipetting are minimized - Purifying uncleared lysates: Residual particles do not clog the material. For quick screening, Agaroses XL can be used directly after cell lysis, without clearing the lysate by centrifugation. This procedure saves time and equipment, but results in slightly reduced purity. Features of our Agarose XL products are comparable to our standard agaroses, and the following modifications are available: - His affinity matrices (Ni-NTA, Ni-IDA, Co-NTA, and unloaded matrices) with binding capacities of 35-40 µg/ml agarose and resistance to DTT and EDTA - Glutathione affinity matrices - Strep-Tactin matrices - Rho1D4 matrices for membrane protein purifications - Activated matrices for coupling of biomolecules - Customized matrices All our products are manufactured in our own facilities, with all due care and high lot-to-lot reproducibility to ensure optimal results in your laboratory or manufacturing unit.