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Imperacer: The Immuno-PCR platform.

Services: Based on our proprietary Imperacer® platform, we custom develop, validate and run extremey sensitive and highly specific immunoassays to quantify analytes in virtually any biological matrix.

Chimera Biotec provides ultrasensitive bioanalytical support for all phases of drug development and non-regulated rapid discovery phase research. Our research team is highly experienced in the development and validation of ultrasensitive IPCR based Imperacer® immunoassays. Imperacer® services are conducted under strict quality regime and bioanalytical sample testing is available for all needed regulatory demands, up to full GLP-compliant support. Imperacer

Imperacer Products:

Developes with the user´s needs in mind.

Our products are designed for in-house assay development and sample testing based on the Imperacer® platform. Explore the Imperacer® sensitivity at your site.

Integrate ultrasensitive, exponential signal amplification immunoassay technology into your laboratory routine, with 1000-fold increased sensitivity over ELISA-type techniques. Trade off sensitivity to overcome general challenges in the bioanalytical lab, like matrix or drug interference, sample consumption or drug tolerance in immunogenicity testing.

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Chimera Biotec GmbH 28. November 2014

Imperacer - The Immuno-PCR Platform [VIDEO]

Imperacer® is the ideal way to increase the sensitivity of your immuno-assay dramatically. Based on the immuno-PCR Methodology, Imperacer® combines the unbeatable target specificity of antibody-DNA conjugates with a state of the art real-time PCR read out. Thereby, PCR the most powerful signal amplification process known in biochemistry today can now be utilized for the ultra sensitive detection of proteins.

Chimera Biotec GmbH 13. November 2014

Immunoassay Sensitivität durch Labor-Equipment

Chimera Biotec offers a broad scope of publications on Imepracer case studies.
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