Clinscience invests in Texas-based Agati Group

Clinscience US LLC, a subsidiary of Neuca Group, on 26th of April signed an investment agreement to acquire 51% of shares in Agati Systems. The US-based (Texas) Company, together with its Indian subsidiary, Agati Clinical Informatics, having branches in Bengaluru and Chennai, provides clinical data, regulatory, and custom software services. The Company has a rapidly expanding and robust team of SAS® programmers, clinical data standards SMEs, statisticians, and regulatory experts, who will work hand-in-hand with Clinscience's Data Management & Biostatistics Team.

This investment is a testament to Clinscience’s sustained focus on the Digital Data-Driven (3D) strategy. Last year, the Company expanded into the United States and acquired majority stakes in an Italian-German technology CRO, EXOM Group.

Clinscience is currently in its intensive and all-time strong expansion phase. From protocol development to the final study report, the Company renders itself as the smart CRO offering end-to-end Data-Driven Solutions. Clinscience values tech-savvy Data Management and Biostatistics as fundamental for efficient and cost-effective development of Clinical Trials — and its agile response to the dynamic and ever-changing climate within the Clinical Research industry is putting the Patient and Data-Driven approach on the pedestal.

Empowered by Agati, Clinscience now expands its offer with two differentiators — reliable & proven Real-World Data competencies and Synthetic/External Control Arm development and design. United with the traditional approach and services for Biometrics, it places Clinscience in a unique position to support our Partners with skills and experience that are most impactful in the modern Clinical Trials,” said Daniel Kowalski, Head of Data Science and Technology at Clinscience.

This seamless integration of industry expertise and smart Digital Solutions is unique to Clinscience.

Digital transformation, combined with advanced real-time source data and extensive data analytics, progressively shapes the Clinical Trials industry of today. To pursue the trends in leading technologies of tomorrow, the Company picks up the rapid pace of innovation in hybrid and decentralized research models, charting the path to provide for the increasing needs of Sponsors, Sites, and Patients.

With the avant-garde technologies within Clinscience's portfolio, Trials achieve unmatched Data Consistency. This purposeful implementation of powerful technological tools yields remarkably improved cost and time efficiencies, allowing all stakeholders to focus on the foremost element — the Patient.

"Data Integrity and Consistency are paramount to our organization. This is why we are expanding our offer to Clients and Patients through continuous investments in companies like Agati Group and EXOM Group,” said Tomek Dabrowski, CEO of Clinscience, responsible for the Clinical Trials business in Neuca Group. “Together we are committed, as ever, to building a Data-driven and Patient-centric global team, which supports our Partners' needs and fulfills the specific regulatory environments.”

Clinscience’s Biostatistics and Data Management team, supercharged by Agati, now offers an expansive capacity for a complete range of first-in-class and economical quality services. Agati's state-of-the-art, homegrown and regulatory compliant data transformation solution complements the innovative Genius Suite® platform thoroughly, bringing formidable value to Clinical Research. Together with the industry fluency of over 300 talented and passionate team members on three continents, it scales the Trial possibilities to new heights.

Combined Digital Solutions are the Company’s answer to the challenges that Sponsors face and allow them to do things they never could before. Even the most ambitious projects are made feasible by unrivaled transparency in costs and productivity, experienced Teams in Data Management & Biostatistics, and access to real-time data, Tomek Dabrowski adds.

"At Agati, we are committed to bringing Biostatistics, Data Management, Data Standardization (CDISC), and Regulatory Services to another level. Over the years, we have developed solutions that can be customized to the dynamic needs of our partners,” said Ramanan Bathala, CEO and founder of Agati Group. “We are happy to be part of a versatile, global team together with Clinscience and offer our clients the finest cost-efficient smart Services utilizing the latest technologies, which boost productivity and reduce operating costs. This partnership between Clinscience and Agati is a perfect blend of complementing synergies and operational efficiencies between the two organizations, which will benefit our Clients."

Ramanan Bathala will become part of Clinscience's Executive Board and continue his responsibilities as the CEO of Agati Group.

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About Clinscience:

Clinscience is a global CRO company offering smart CRO Services, from protocol creation to final study report development. The Company has offices in Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the US and provides its services in 6 European countries.  More than 150 Biotechnology companies across Europe and the US trust the Clinscience brand. The Company’s procedures and Data-driven approach, harnessed with the Genius Suite™ technology, work together to give the Clients power and flexibility to address even the most unique needs.  Clinscience is part of a publicly-traded parent company, Neuca Plc, an organization in the pharmaceutical wholesaling and healthcare industry that provides the structure to meet the needs of commercial and non-commercial studies.

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About Agati Group:

Agati Systems LLC (US), together with its owned subsidiary, Agati Clinical Informatics LLP (India), is one of the fastest growing global life sciences services groups with a strong portfolio of solutions and services. Powered by its proprietary solutions, Agati provides specialized Clinical Data services, including Data Management, Data Standardization (CDISC), Real World Evidence, Biostatistics, Statistical Programming, and Regulatory services across all phases of clinical development to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. Agati also provides system development services to build regulation-compliant products and solutions for its Clients.

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About Neuca Group:

The Neuca Group has been operating around healthcare over 30 years, synergistically combining the needs of pharmacists, manufacturers, and Patients. It is the market leader in the wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals in Poland. The key partners for the NEUCA Group are independent pharmacists, whom the Group supports in their daily operation of pharmacies, providing tools to build competitiveness and profitability.

The Neuca Group cares for its patients' health by developing a network of medical clinics. It is an expert in the clinical research segment, executes ambitious telemedicine projects, and successfully operates in e-commerce and health insurance industry. It is also an experienced producer of medicines and pharmacy preparations.

Since 2004, Neuca has been a public company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, perpetually improving its financial results.

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