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EVONIK Operations GmbH The Biotech Hub is the competence center for industrial biotechnology at Evonik and offers everything from a single source – from breakthrough ideas to industrial bioprocess production – and helps to turn business opportunities into entrepreneurial success. 

We believe industrial biotechnology is a key technology platform for a sustainable industry, as with biotechnological processes you can 

  • reduce the consumption of natural resources, 
  • improve the sustainability of the global food system, and 
  • enable the smooth transition to a circular economy.

In addition, industrial biotechnology is also an important lever for growth and innovation, as novel products inspired by nature and inaccessible via chemical synthesis can be developed, further as complementing technologies and services of Evonik. 

The deep understanding for biological systems, like the interactions in different target systems or the elucidation of the mode of action, as well as the understanding of designing and operating efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes for biomolecules and microbial solutions, enables the Biotech Hub to develop tailored and competitive solutions and secure a sustainable industry for all Evonik business units and their customers.

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