Cysal GmbH

Produktion: The reason for the absence of dipeptides from the market is thus their challenging chemical synthesis and high production cost, particularly of dipeptides containing arginine or lysine. Cysal has developed the economical production of certain dipeptides and thereby enabled their industrial production. The patented production process has multiple innovative steps based on cutting-edge biotechnological instrumentation and procedures.

Forschungsschwerpunkte: Cysal lies at the center of a network of partners and collaborators that are vital for unlocking the full potential of our technology and expertise. We collaborate with industrial and academic partners to continually expand our range of products and services and develop novel applications and bespoke technology solutions.

Services: Our general interest is the translation of applied science from the research environment to a commercial setting. We are applying state-of-the-art biotechnology and novel industrial fermentation technologies to the production of innovative additives for food, feed and pharma as well to the development of industrial solutions and raw materials. Our current main focus is the development, optimization, and licensing of fermentation technology solutions and novel applications for biopolymers and low-molecular weight compounds such as dipeptides.

Vertrieb: Cysal’s business strategy aims at out-licensing its technology platform and IP to producers of row materials and interested companies in relevant application fields. Cysal also offers dipeptides as raw material with highest required certified quality as well as its support for incorporation into consumer products for various markets. Depending on the well known advantages of dipeptides in comparison to their constituting amino acids in the free form, target markets for Cysal technology and solutions are mainly within the areas of food additives, cosmetics, animal feed, fine chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

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