Center for Anti-Infective Agents

Forschungsschwerpunkte: In addition to consulting, Dr. Theuretzbacher designs and presents courses in drug development, teaches at universities, organizes international educational workshops, publishes reviews, editorials and books, serves on editorial and government advisory boards and is actively involved in international scientific societies (ISAP, EPASG, ESCMID, ISC, ASM). Furthermore she has been invited by FDA and NIH to present and discuss scientific issues regarding antibacterial drug development and usage. Dr. Theuretzbacher is partner in an EU funded FP7-HEALTH multinational project, being responsible for dissemination of the project results, evaluator of multinational multicenter research projects funded by EU, and member of the external advisory board of EU funded FP7-HEALTH projects. More information is available on

Services: The Center for Anti-Infective Agents (CEFAIA) focuses on developing and assessing research and clinical development strategies with consideration of the market, competitive landscape, medical needs and clinical issues. Clients benefit from Dr. Theuretzbacher’s expertise in critical scientific issues including resistance, exposure/response relationships, animal models, and in vitro testing as well as from her business insights and her vision of the future of antibacterials. CEFAIA’s clients are located in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia: CEFAIA’s associates provide services in the areas of regulatory issues, design of clinical trials, US grant writing, knowledge management, medical and technical writing, and medicinal chemistry.

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