OncoLead GmbH & Co. KG

Forschungsschwerpunkte: Process optimization for culturing and handling large panels of cancer cell lines

Services: - Provide service and analysis of activity of anticancer agents in larger panels (>300) of human cancer cell lines. - Service and analysis of in vitro combination studies in larger panels of human cancer cell lines - Results of such analysis support pre-clinical development of anticancer agents

Vertrieb: Oncolead offers a unique cellular screening of anticancer agents in a panel of 80-200 cancer cell lines. Routine operation and highly standardized processes guarantee our customers the results within 2-4 weeks with outstanding reproducibility for cellular screening. Customers will further benefit from a comprehensive data analysis including correlation of activity profile with mutation status and with activity profile of thousands of known anticancer agents We provide complementary tests using a complete 80+ cell line panel: an in vitro combination of more than 500 combination pairs, development of drug tolerance or test of different drug schedules using a longer (3-4 weeks) drug treatment. All these data are requested in translational research and clinical development and help our customers to increase confidence in making drug development decisions.

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