Produktion: tgcBIOMICS offers and delivers diagnostic components especially tailormade antigens (native or recombinant proteines, toxins) tgcBIOMICS has a unique expertise in handling of especial microorganism (Clostridium difficile, ...)

Forschungsschwerpunkte: tgcBIOMICS is the leading company of the new gene carrier technology to be used for develop new drugs, therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics. 1. Core Competences: tgcBIOMICS develops and produces new targets for pharmaceuticals / diagnostics and offers a broad spectrum of contract research & development opportunities in the biotechnology market. In general tgcBiomics handle unique services for the genomics and proteomics in the Life Sciences Industry. 2. Fields of use: Pharma: new therapeutic entities (NTE), active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), pharmaceutical generics, active or passive vaccines Diagnostics: cancer, immunology and infectious diseases, developing high quality assay components like recombinant proteins and polyclonal/monoclonal tailor-made antibodies 3. Cooperations offered and requested Keywords: Research & Development for the follow up of biomarkers (like in cancer, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, inflammations) - Epitope discovery, vaccine design Type of Cooperation: Services and Contract Research & Development International partnership with Biotech Companies Cooperative Marketing Agreements In-licensing OEM Distribution Particularly interested in: Development of new Intellectual Property using our unique tgcBIOMICS gene carrier technology Partnering with pharmaceutical and diagnostic organizations Development of new gene carrier methods for in vitro and in vivo use

Services: Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprojekte für die Diagnostik und Pharmaindustrie tgcBiomics stellt mit der eigenen Technologieplattform neue Targets zur Erkennung und Behandlung von Erkrankungen her. insbesondere zeichnet sich tgcBiomics für die Bearbeitung von anspruchsvollen Themen aus und schwierige Biotargets werden erfolgreich entwickelt.

Vertrieb: Diagnostic components (antigens, antibodies, toxins) Especially Clostridum difficile assay components

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