Elchrom Scientific AG

Produktion: Highest resolution, direct recovery ready-to-use gels (Spreadex, PCR CheckIT, Poly(NAT), GMA Gels, Short Fragment) based on novel material for outstanding performace in DNA & RNA analysis and purification, electrophoresis apparatus (SEA 2000, ORIGINS by Elchrom Scientific), Ethidium Bromide removal system (BIND ET), equipment, consumables, reagents and additives

Forschungsschwerpunkte: Elchrom Scientific is a Swiss biotech company focused on the development of new technologies for genetical analysis and PCR product quality control. Elchrom Scientific products represent state-of-the-art solutions for laboratories in hospitals, private institutes, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food and agriculture industries as well as research laboratories at universities.

Services: Oligonucleotide purification service and kits — mouse genotyping service

Vertrieb: Worldwide — Direct sales/distributors

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