AmplexDiagnostics GmbH

AmplexDiagnostics is a privately held company for the development and production of In Vitro Diagnostics. Our aim is the improvement of the diagnostic potential of isothermal amplification technology by implementing the main advantages of this technology - high speed, specificity and sensitivity into the common diagnosis of bacterial infections.
We developed the first LAMP-based systems (eazyplex SuperBug) for the direct detection of carbapenemases producing gram-negative bacteria direct from patient material like rectal swabs or urine without the need of DNA purification and achieving accurate results within 20 minutes by using a portable real-time detection device. The astonishing performance of this test was demonstrated in several international studies.
The core competence of AmplexDiagnostics GmbH is the diagnosis of human, especially nosocomial infections by multiresistant bacteria, but our technology platform can also be used as a powerful tool for all kind of of DNA-analysis.
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