vivo Science GmbH

Services: Preclinical CRO: Contract Services and Research Organization focussing on IMMUNOLOGY and TOXICOLOGY for customers developing BIOTECHNOLOGY DERIVED DRUGS, pharmaceutical industry, human and veterinarian food additives manufactures and suppliers, chemical industry. — Selected Services: Preclinical studies on IMMUNOTOXICITY (ICH S8) — IMMUNOGENICITY (ICH S6). Validated protocols are available for additional immunological tests in vitro & IN VIVO — Pharmacokinetics —- Anti Drug Antibodies (ADA, also in samples from clinical phase) — Tumorigenicity — Phenotyping — Allergenicity — (Immuno-) Histopathology — Tissue Cross Reactivity — GMP POTENCY testing — GMP VIRAL SAFETY studies — Studies opt. under S2 conditions with IVC CAGING — OECD TOXICITY tests acc. to EU-REACH — vivo Science is GLP and GMP certified.

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