ATG:biosynthetics GmbH

Produktion: Kits für Expression in Bacteria, Insect Cell/ Baculovirus and Mammalian Cells, Protein-Displaysystems, Synthetic Genes, Multi-Gene Constructions, Combinatorial Vector Designs and Realizations

Forschungsschwerpunkte: ImmuneGenetics/ Genomics, Bio-peptide Libraries Epitope Screening, Multi-biomolecule expression (proteins, peptides); bio-pathway engineering, development of high parallel in silico multi-target parameter sequence calculations SoftwareDevelopment and service, DNA assembly strategies & molecular evolution in combinatorial synthetic biology and for the construction of DNA libraries Bioinformatics solutions for modular complex DNA assembly strategies in diverse organisms

Services: BioDesign bioinformatics in synthetic biology, genomics, for gene syntheses and codon adaption for functional gene (cluster) designs for multi-hetero-protein complex expression, molecular bio-pathway engineering, FlexTEC multiple-gene expression systems, modular multiple gene assembly – bio-data mining for molecular functional elements, regulation, etc. deterministic peptide and protein sub-sequence libraries for epitope mapping, protein-protein interaction, bio-catalysis, redesign bio-molecules

Vertrieb: Newsletter, Direct Marketing, Key Accounts, Conferences, Partnering Events, Advertising

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