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BioTeSys is a nutritional CRO with profound expertise and longstanding, international experience in nutrition-related questions involving bioactive ingredients. The interdisciplinary team offers valid strategies to cover customer needs. BioTeSys GmbH is a partner for the substantiation, development and realization of concepts in the topics nutrition, cosmetics and medical devices. The examination and evaluation of the effects of biological active ingredients is the core competence that means the identification of functional characters of the ingredient or of a mixture of ingredients as well as the examination of its effect and effectiveness. The service covers screening-proceedings for recordal of bioactive potential of substances or substance mixtures by help of HPLC, LC-MS or photometry (accredited due to DIN/EN ISO EIC 17025), in vitro-test proceedings by utilization of single cell cultures, co-cultures and organic exemplars as well as planning und realization of clinical studies.
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