Produktion: Manufacturing of in-vitro diagnostics in different techniques (Elisa, Immuno-Dot, cell- and beadbased Multiplex-Tests, tissues)

Forschungsschwerpunkte: in-vitro Diagnostics in autoimmunity and in onkologie (DNA-Repair)

Services: OEM-manufacturing,

Vertrieb: Medipan develops and distributes in vitro diagnostics for determination of thyroid type1 diabetes The company is an accepted and innovative partner for over 400 laboratories and physicians worldwide. Medipan product panel includes 40 different kits in well established RIA and modern ELISA technology. The development and update of Medipan kits is constantly according to state-of-the-art science insights. Medipan is the pioneering fully automated evaluation of immunofluorescence tests and offers the worldwide first automated system AKLIDES®.

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