Molzym GmbH & Co.KG 29. Juni 2022

Molzym Announces Double-Digit Million EUR Capital Increase

Molzym, the global leader of microbial DNA isolation - dedicated to broad-range molecular diagnostic solutions and NGS applications, based in Bremen, Germany - is proud to announce a double-digit million EUR investment by a large single family office.

The capital will be deployed for the international business expansion, in particular for market entry and expansion in the US and China as well as further expanding its presence in Europe. Furthermore, funds will be used for market launch of its next generation diagnostic tests “AutoSepT” targeting the Sepsis market and delivering results directly from sample within 3 hours.

Molzym is also glad to announce the formation of a new Supervisory Board with its new Chairwoman Veronika Clarici-Fanfule. The company also welcomes Dr. Kerstin Waterloh, Dr. Georg Lautscham, Dr. Gerhard Ries and Vladimir Soha to the board, who all bring solid experience in the MedTech and Diagnostics market.

Over the past years, Molzym has steadily and organically build up a strong and unique molecular diagnostic expertise with its highly experienced and scientific team. In recent months, the team has been complemented by international commercial and operational expertise. With the additional funds, the Molzym team will further grow.

Gabriel Tirouflet, CEO of Molzym says: “For the first time since its creation, Molzym gathered the financial means to achieve its ambitions. With MolYsis™, the only validated microbial DNA isolation technology, Molzym has a unique opportunity to establish itself as a reference for both broad-spectrum PCR and NGS sample preparation. The future of the company is built on these two pillars”

Veronika Clarici-Fanfule, Chairwoman of the new Supervisory Board, emphasizes Molzym’s unique role in the application of NGS to infectious diseases: “One of the key challenges to sustain and even expedite the impressive growth of NGS and metagenomics in the context of microbial infection diagnosis and antimicrobial resistance detection is the importance of human DNA depletion from clinical samples. This inherent market need represents a tremendous opportunity to Molzym and its MolYsis™ technology. The new financing round will enable the company to leverage its unique position to penetrate this market and establish itself as one of its key player”.

About Molzym
Molzym’s flagship technology, MolYsis™, allows for pure microbial DNA extraction to
enhance the direct molecular detection and identification of up to 1,300 bacteria and
fungi, from a great variety of clinical samples, in just one protocol. With its new
strategy of offering all-inclusive packages and leasing solutions of the automated
SelectNA™plus instruments and Micro-Dx™ diagnostic kits (broad-range 16S/18S
PCR), Molzym enables any hospital and private laboratory to rapidly identify common
and rare causes of infections, allowing faster and targeted therapy.

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Marina Linow
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