Molzym GmbH & Co.KG 9. Juli 2020

Molzym announces new Board of Directors to accelerate growth of its molecular diagnostic solutions

Molzym GmbH & Co. KG, a unique manufacturer of broad-range molecular diagnostic solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of new Board members to support and accelerate the company´s global growth.

Since Gradian acquired Molzym in December 2019, the highly experienced and scientific team has been entirely focused on growth, bringing new skills on-board, reviewing its sales strategy and business model, and accelerating its R&D pipeline to meet current and future market challenges and needs.

Jakob Glatz, new Chairman of the Board, says: “We’re very proud of Molzym team’s mindset, which contributes to a new era of our global Healthcare systems, especially in these challenging times. The change of Board clearly emphasizes the reinforcement of the company strategy, fully dedicated to long-term growth and sustainability. Company has already restructured and set-up innovative solutions with one common goal: make Molzym solutions for microbial molecular diagnostics available to any laboratories worldwide, for improved patient care. The Board is glad to bring its expertise in finance and management to lead Molzym life-changing technology to its next level of success.” 

Molzym’s flagship technology, MolYsis™, allows for pure microbial DNA extraction to enhance the direct molecular detection and identification of up to 1,300 bacteria and fungi, from a great variety of samples, in just one protocol. With its new strategy to offer all-inclusive packages and leasing solutions to shorten sales cycles of the automated SelectNA™plus instruments and Micro-Dx™ diagnostic kits (broad-range 16S/18S PCR), Molzym enables any hospital and private laboratory to rapidly identify common and rare causes of infections and apply faster and targeted therapy. 

Gabriel Tirouflet, CEO of Gradian and Molzym says “After 6 months of intensive work with the operating team, I´m convinced Molzym will play a great role in current Healthcare system changes, bringing a complement to culture with molecular diagnostic capacity, towards precision medicine.”

Discover Molzym’s unique technology and complete product portfolio through its 2.30 minute corporate video,

Molzym ist Entwickler und Hersteller innovativer Lösungen für die molekularbiologische Forschung und klinische Diagnostik von Infektions... [mehr]