IMGM Laboratories GmbH 26. April 2017

IMGM is a part of the new InnoMuNiCH Project

At the beginning of January 2017 BioM launched the InnoMuNiCH project to promote cooperation between the Japanese biopharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology companies of the Munich Biotechnology Cluster . BioM successfully applied for funding as part of the "Internationalization of Leading-Edge Clusters " program. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds the project and promotes a two-year concept phase. During this time, BioM will establish a collaborative platform to facilitate access to the Japanese biopharmaceutical research industry.

The first step will be to develop specific binational projects, together with a group of Bavarian companies, co-funded by the BMBF. These will act as a basis for strengthening German-Japanese relations as well as a foundation for the Munich Biotech Cluster’s strategy for internationalization in Japan.

IMGM is very proud to be a partner company for this project and will develop a concept for a German-Japanese research project in the coming months. For this purpose, IMGM has put together a project team that has developed various research options and then transferred them, together with BioM and other Bavarian companies, into a binational initiative.

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