nova-Institut GmbH 21. März 2019

12th Int. Conference on BIO-based Materials

Despite the harsh economic environment, a few innovative companies have found markets for their new bio-based building blocks, chemicals, and polymers. We will introduce you to the technology leaders our planet needs for a sustainable future.The chemical industry may only develop into a sustainable sector once it bids farewell to all fossil raw materials and uses nothing but renewable carbon as a raw material in organic chemistry. Only a full phase-out of fossil carbon will help prevent a further increase in CO2 concentrations. All of the fossil carbon extracted from the ground will sooner or later be released into the atmosphere where the CO2 concentration will go up as a consequence. The bioeconomy will play a crucial role in providing renewable carbon.

Today, PLA is produced by two leading companies, bio-based PBS has become commercially available, and soon the first bio-based PP will enter the market while bio-based PE production capacities will be expanded at the same time. Bio-based polymers can be found in almost all application sectors, such as packaging, consumer goods, toys, automotive, textiles, and coating. New bio-based building blocks are also available for body care, cosmetics, food ingredients, and pharmaceuticals. On top of that, more and more biogenic side streams from the food industry are utilised via biotechnology as part of the circular bioeconomy.
In Cologne, technology leaders will present and discuss their latest innovations to about 200 international participants, primarily from industry. The 12th International Conference on Bio-based Materials will include an accompanying exhibition with 30 exhibitors, professional matchmaking, and workshops (on first and second generation biorefineries, in-depth B2C market research, standards and norms as well as hurdles and barriers). It will once again provide one of the leading platforms for industrial networking in the European bioeconomy with a wide range of opportunities for discussion and making business contacts.

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