VTU's strain development program for yield & quality optimization

Apply VTU's entire protein production toolbox to increase product quality and enhance product yields through comprehensive production strain development

Do you need to maximize your yield to be competitive?

Are you seeking to improve product quality of your protein?

Are you in search of high performance expression strains efficiently expressing your protein suitable for commercial protein production?

According to your requirements we will boost the expression of your protein by applying VTU's full protein production toolbox comprising an unparalleled spectrum of expression tools and ingenious expression strategies. Advantageously, at the same time protein quality aspects will be improved.

VTU's yield optimization & strain development program is based on the application of a higher number of genetic elements from VTU's Pichia pastoris toolbox facilitating optimized fine-tuning of gene expression & protein maturation and enhanced production of high-quality proteins.

We will rapidly identify high performance production strains secreting your protein with highest product yields and quality by applying VTU's combinatorial microscale cultivation & screening regime. We further unlock Pichia's potential by the application of robust and highly proven cultivation procedures through VTU´s straightforward process development and optimization program.

Key benefits

- Accelerated generation of high-performance expression strains optimized for the production of commercial protein products

- Enhancement of production levels & product quality

- Fast and straightforward non-GMP production of protein samples

- Reduced downstream processing efforts


- Codon optimization for maximization of protein yield

Methanol-induced and methanol-free processing

Extended screening size: combinatorial screening of several thousand clones by simultaneous application of a diverse set of AOX1 promoter variants from VTU´s AOX1 promoter library

Helper factor co-expression for enhancement of protein production

High-throughput cultivation enables reliable identification of high-productivity clones in 96-well format

For assessment of up-scale potential and protein production the most promising candidates are subsequently taken from 96-deep well plate screening into 1 l or 7.5 l bioreactors

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