Assessing the potential - VTU´s streamlined feasibility studies

Straightforward determination of expression potential & rapid production of protein samples

You instantly need a few mgs of recombinant protein?

Expression in other systems is troublesome or failed?

Expression in commercially available yeasts was not satisfying?

Are you searching for a powerful expression system suitable for industrial protein production?

In a lean feasibility study we will elucidate the expression potential of your recombinant protein in minimum time. Starting from an optimized synthetic gene sequence, results will be available within 3 to 4 weeks including cloning, transformation and screening giving you an immediate answer for a reliable go/no-go decision. Positive candidates from micro-scale screening can be directly transferred to bioreactor cultivation enabling both the production of initial protein samples as well as further assessment of the potential for improvement.

After positive assessment we provide yield optimization by applying VTU´s comprehensive production strain development.

Key benefits
Customized screening size for fast assessment of expression feasibility
Immediate answers for a reliable go/no-go decision
Identification of potential for further improvement
Results from micro-scale screening transferable to bioreactor cultivation
Rapid generation of protein samples and protein production strains

Exclusive AOX1 promoter variants
Methanol-induced and methanol-free processes
Codon optimization for maximum protein yields
Helper factor co-expression
High-throughput cultivation and screening in 96-deep well plates
Cultivation of most productive clones in 1 L or 7.5 L bioreactors for rapid protein production

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