Infors AG 5. Oktober 2017

The bioprocess platform software eve® is now compatible with Applikon and Sartorius bioreactors

The latest version of eve® can integrate with a wide range of third- party bioreactors and equipment from a number of different suppliers, e.g. Sartorius DCU, Applikon or Matlab. The process data is handled by a single, integrated solution, making the eve® bioprocess platform software a truly universal choice for bioprocess projects. 

eve® offers now a large number of communication protocols, supports all OPC standards and offers a Rest API which can be used to connect analytical devices and softwares. This allows eve® to cover the vast majority of bioreactors, incubator shakers and analytical devices providing the possibility to record bioprocess data from heterogeneous sources into one centralised, common database. 

Time-consuming data import/export and format conversion becomes obsolete. Users simply need the eve® user interface, accessible from any computer within a network, to control bioprocesses with a diverse collection of devices within a laboratory. 

Combined with the advanced database, comprehensive user management and a detailed audit trail , eve® becomes an universal solution across systems to organise biotech processes from project planning to process control, analysis and acquisition of knowledge. 

“Today’s emphasis is on seeing the bioprocess as a whole, rather than having disparate items of hardware and software working semi -independently.”, says Dr. Tony Allman, Product Manager Fermentation at INFORS HT. “ We follow this approach by providi ng eve® as a platform which can cope with all manner of equipment.”

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