Upcoming webinar “Best practice in dose-finding studies”

Metronomia warmly invites you to join our webinar series on excellence in clinical trials: On 4th of April 2017, an expert panel of Metronomia Statisticians will discuss state of the art dose finding approaches in phase I and II clinical trials.

Webinar description: 

More than 40% of phase III studies fail due to a lack of efficacy. This very costly exercise could be significantly improved by better early-development programs, including appropriate dose-finding studies.

This Metronomia webinar will provide you with insights into state-of-the-art dose-finding strategies in phase I and II clinical trials, including Bayesian methods and MCP-Mod (incl. methodological aspects, requirements, experiences) – enabling you to achieve more with your dose-finding activities and increase your chances for success in phase III.

The webinar will commence on the 4th of April 2017, at 3pm CET (duration: 45 minutes).

The Metronomia expert panel presenting this webinar has more than 30 years of experience in clinical research and statistical consulting: 

  • Dorothea Wessiepe, MSc, Director Biostatistics
  • Simon Rückinger, PhD, Associate Director Biostatistics
  • Lisa Möst, PhD, Senior Statistician

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