Lexogen GmbH 22. Januar 2015

Get a test license....

 ....for RNA-Seq data analysis software!

Lexogen, an NGS and transcriptomics company, has developed a new bioinformatics tool - Mix² model for detecting multiple positional bias types in RNA-Seq data and accurate transcript concentration estimation. Altogether this yields more reliable FPKM values.

Mix², a new algorithm for accurate quantification of transcript isoforms in RNA-Seq data

Fragment bias in RNA-Seq poses a serious challenge to the accurate quantification of gene isoforms. The novel Mix² algorithm makes no assumption about fragment bias but fits a mixture model to the data, thus inferring the bias automatically. Mix² model leads to considerably better correlation between known and estimated transcript isoform concentration than Cufflinks and PennSeq, which results in substantially increased accuracy in the detection of differential expression. Further details can be found in the manuscript on BioRxiv.  

Application and participation - Applications should be completed by January 31 through the following web page Application form

All applicants will be given a stand-alone executable of the Mix² software for free use on their own RNA-Seq data.

Reports - We ask the participants to submit reports in free format including results generated with the Mix² software. The emphasis of these reports should be on the comparison with their previous algorithms. 


1st place (1 person) : Mac Book Air (11 inch, Intel Core i5, 125Gb) / 2nd places (2 people) : iPad Mini 2 Retina (16Gb, Wifi)

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