New MICROMAN E Positive Displacement Pipette

Gilson announces the release of the new MICROMAN E Positive Displacement Pipette

The majority of pipetting errors that occur with air displacement pipettes are due to problem liquids. To help scientists solve those problems, Gilson is proud to announce the release of the new positive displacement pipette, MICROMAN® E.

The solution to resolving errors when pipetting with problem liquids

MICROMAN E positive displacement pipettes, along with Capillary Pistons (CPs), help scientists counter common pipetting problems that may affect accuracy and precision when working with problem liquids such as oils, blood, glycerol, alcohol, acetone, and hexane. Problems that occur include: microliters of viscous or dense liquids sticking to the tip of the pipette, volatile liquids creating leaks in the tip, and even under-delivered hot liquids.

MICROMAN E helps to solve these common issues and aids in avoiding contamination by isolating the aspirated sample from the internal parts of the pipette and eliminating the air cushion between the piston and sample. This means that you can count on reproducible, accurate, and precise results every time.

No risk of contamination

MICROMAN E positive displacement pipettes and CPs are the strongest barrier against residual sample carry-over, aerosol contamination, and cross-contamination when pipetting liquids such as DNA fragments, PCR templates, enzyme solutions, and buffers.

With MICROMAN E, you protect your pipette, your sample, and yourself!

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