SIRION BIOTECH GmbH 21. Mai 2014


LentiTHERAPYTM is a brand new 3 step process allowing for cell type specific transduction, significantly improved transduction efficiences and applicable even in clinical research settings. Step 1: Retargeting antibody fragments on the virus envelope. These fragments have a high affinity and specificity to peripheral proteins of cell surfaces, allowing targeted precision of viral transduction. Step 2: LentiBOOST™ increases the permeability of cell membranes, allowing lentivirus easy access. The chemical basis for LentiBOOST™ pharma grade is non-toxic and is used as a standard component in pharmaceutical pill formulation. Step 3: Spinoculation increases the number of virus particles binding to the cells through centrifugal inoculation, enhancing the effectiveness of LentiBOOST™ and the retargeted envelope even further. Enjoy sufficient genetic modification even in hard to transduce cell types. Tested positively for CD30 & primary T cells. The figures show transduction experiments in different T-cell lymphoma cell lines (KARPAS-299, SUP-M2 and SUDHL-1) incubated at MOI 10 or with copGFP-coding lentiviral particles +/- a spinoculation protocol, LentiBOOST (TM) and retargeted scFv-CD30 VSV-G lentivirus. LentiTHERAPY™ is effective independent of cell type. The steps of this system influence each other synergistically, as demonstrated in the figure above. The treatment is effective at different MOIs and ideal for treating otherwise hard to transduce, therapeutically relevant cell types.

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