Study any transcriptome - scaled for any application

RNA-Seq is a powerful method for exploring, quantifying, profiling and discovering RNA transcripts all over the transcriptome. Experience unbiased transcriptome information without any prior assumption or sequence knowledge required. Compared to microarray studies, RNA-Seq allows a more sensitive real-time detection of genes, transcripts, and differential expression. Higher throughput of RNA-Seq, flexible project design and continuous sequencing improvements lead to faster and high-end results. To fulfill these demands GATC Biotech has launched three products for transcriptome studies: InView™ Transcriptome EXPLORE, ADVANCE and DISCOVER Highly standardised, scaled to fit any application and need as well as guaranteed output of read numbers per package, are only three of numerous benefits of these InView™ Transcriptome products. To give full service, we are even able to offer a one-stop solution for de novo transcriptome sequencing based on PacBio RS II or MiSeq technology. Save time and effort by choosing one of our best practice InView™ products, which contain what’s needed for a successful completion of your sequencing project. Learn more about service and specifications, deliverables and additional benefits here.

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