Toyopearl GigaCap S-650

Toyopearl GigaCap S-650 is a high capacity, high resolution cation exchange resin* optimized for process scale applications, including the capture and purification of IgG as well as the polishing of monoclonal antibodies. A Toyopearl HW-65 polymeric bead has been chemically modified to provide a higher number of cationic binding sites for increased resin capacity. While Toyopearl GigaCap S-650M was specifically optimized for IgG, with dynamic binding capacities in the vicinity of 140 mg/mL for IgG, it also exhibits high binding capacities for smaller proteins. Typical dynamic binding capacities for lysozyme are in excess of 160 mg/mL. Toyopearl GigaCap S-650S has dynamic binding capacities approaching 165 g/L for gamma globulin. This high capacity, combined with the 35 µm mean particle size, makes Toyopearl GigaCap S-650S ideal for high resolution applications. Toyopearl GigaCap S-650 media is stable at high linear velocities, has good pressure-flow characteristics and will withstand back pressures up to 3 bar. The higher capacity and back pressure stability of Toyopearl GigaCap S-650 resin creates opportunities for increased throughput in downstream cation exchange purification steps. Toyopearl GigaCap S-650M media also has excellent base stability in 1.0 mol/L NaOH and shows robust clean in place properties with minimal loss of capacity after 50 X 1 hour cycles of caustic exposure also using 1.0 mol/L NaOH. More:

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