We empower discovery at the Delaware Biotechnology Institute

A leader in next generation sequencing applications – the Delaware Biotechnology Institute’s (DBI) DNA Sequencing & Genotyping Center -- implements the Fragment Analyzer™ capillary electrophoresis instrument to allow researchers to accelerate their discoveries. Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (AATI), an Ames, Iowa-based analytical instrumentation company, makes the Fragment Analyzer™. "As an internationally recognized facility that provides sequencing services on all the major NGS platforms, we absolutely must have reliable instruments," said Dr. Brewster Kingham, Director for Sequencing and Genotyping Services at DBI. "Our core facility processes nucleic acid samples from around the world. In order to keep up with our sequencing schedules and achieve high data quality, it becomes critically important that we have accurate quantification and quality profiles of our incoming raw materials and final DNA and RNA library preparations." "The Fragment Analyzer™ makes it easier for us to do so, because we trust the instrument’s quantification measurements," said Dr. Kingham. "In fact, we have found that the Fragment Analyzer™ performs well for quality measurements related to sizing -- but is just as effective when it comes to quantification of nucleic acid samples. In the past we used to quantify all nucleic acid samples on a fluorometer. But after several studies, we now trust the Fragment Analyzer™ for nucleic acid concentration measurements. This saves us both time and money by not having to use one method to look at nucleic acid quality and another method for nucleic acid quantity." ...see more at http://www.aati-de.com
Advanced Analytical Technologies ist einer der führenden Hersteller von Mehrkanal-Kapillar-Elektrophorese-Geräten. Wir bieten innovative... [mehr]