Oligo PRO™ - Automated Purity Analyzers

Simultaneously assess 96 different samples by parallel capillary electrophoresis with online, fixed wavelength UV absorbance detection. Preloaded and optimized separation and capillary conditioning methods simplify and streamline operation. Setup your run and our system will process up to 288 samples, unattended. Data analysis software provides automated or manual peak integration. Just choose from our application-specific reagents and you’re ready to go. - Low cost per sample - Size-based, single nucleotide resolution from 10-mer to 80-mer lengths - Easy and economical to use and maintain - Minimal sample preparation and consumption - Simple measurement of purity and annealing efficiency of dsRNAi products

Advanced Analytical Technologies ist einer der führenden Hersteller von Mehrkanal-Kapillar-Elektrophorese-Geräten. Wir bieten innovative... [mehr]