IMGM Laboratories GmbH 9. Dezember 2014

RNA Sequencing and FFPE samples

RNA Sequencing and FFPE samples: Two natural enemies finally reconciled

Carved in stone, painted on canvas or scratched in vinyl - expressions of human thoughts and feelings have been conserved over generations and been ever since an easily accessible treasure of knowledge and inspiration. When it comes to expression of genes conserved in FFPE, things are different. Given the degradation of RNA to shreds and pieces, the scientific treasure of potential insights and discoveries resting worldwide in FFPE archives is everything but easy to unearth. Read on and find out how IMGM’s new FFPE RNA Sequencing Service using Illumina TruSeq RNA Access technology helps you unraveling new findings by enabling robust and reliable analysis of gene expression in your FFPE or other low-quality RNA samples.

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