MoBiTec GmbH 20. April 2015

MagSi-DNA Saliva Kit

The MagSi-DNA Saliva Kit provides a fast and simple procedure for DNA extraction from saliva. The kit is compatible with fresh saliva samples as well as saliva preserved in sample collection kits such as Oragene DNA Collection Kits (DNA Genotek) and DANASALIVA Sample Collection Kit (Danagen). Genomic DNA obtained with MagSi-DNA Saliva is of highest quality and compatible with applications like PCR, Southern Blotting, genetic typing, or mutation analysis.
Saliva preserved in collection kits is stable for years at room temperature, facilitating easy transportation and storage.
MagSi-DNA saliva is based on magnetic bead technology and is suitable for extraction of DNA from human saliva or buccal swabs. The kit includes magnetic beads, buffers, and Proteinase K, and is easy to automate for high-throughput processing.

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