MoBiTec GmbH 29. Januar 2015

New Transcreener UDP2 TR-FRET Assay

The Transcreener UDP2 Assay is a single step, homogenous, fluorescent assay for detection and screening of UDP-producing enzymes. Direct detection of UDP with a fluorescence polarization (FP) readout provides a safe, HTS-compatible alternative to cumbersome radioassay methods and is more sensitive and less subject to interference than coupled assay methods, where the UDP is converted to another product. Based on BellBrook's proprietary nucleotide immunodetection technology, the Transcreener UDP2 Assay is compatible with any enzyme class that produces UDP, including UDP-glucose-, UDP-galactose- and UDP-glucuronosyl-transferases as well as glycogen, hyaluranon and cellulose synthases.

Read more in the attached PDF.

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