BlueSens gas sensor GmbH

BlueSens was founded 2001 in Germany and develops and manufactures analyzers and software for bioprocess applications. In 2015 the BlueSens Corporation was founded in Wood Dale, Illinois. 

The motivation of BlueSens is to provide instruments and software so that their customers gain comprehensive understanding of their bioprocesses to get a maximum optimized process for maximum yield at maximum quality. 

To achieve that, BlueSens is offering a variety of gas analyzers to monitor key parameters of bioprocesses. In general, BlueSens’ gas analyzers are installed directly in the process and measure in real-time gases such as CH4, O2/CO2, CO, H2 or Ethanol. Each sensor is individually tested and adjusted in calibration. BlueSens has developed a unique calibration process guaranteeing that every sensor is a hand-made unique and individually tested device. 

At the customer the sensors will provide measurement data and conditions in the fermenter can be consistently observed and documented resulting in a better analyzation and controlling of the process. The software BlueVis is becoming more and more important to be able to do that. It can collect data, it calculates, visualizes and logs additional information via soft sensors, and it controls actuators. With more than 16 years of experience, BlueSens will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your bioprocess and to run a controlled process.

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BlueSens gas sensor GmbH 1. März 2017

Großer Zuspruch für BioProcessingDays 2017

An der Westfälischen Hochschule fanden vom 20. bis zum 22. Februar die zweiten BioProcessingDays statt. Die Veranstaltung bestand aus einer Konferenz und Workshops und setzt auf den Austausch zwischen Wissenschaft und Industrie. So gab es rund um die Themenschwerpunkte „Prozesskontrolle, Modellierung“ in der Bioprozesstechnik einerseits ein wissenschaftliches Rahmenprogramm und andererseits auch praxisnahe Workshops.