MicroMol GmbH

MicroMol, founded in 1996 and integrated in Tentamus Lab Network in 2018, represents a ISO 17025 accredited and GMP certified sophisticated and experienced Contract Research Organization focussing its activities mainly in 3 fields of action. In the section of PHARMACEUTICAL MICROBIOLOGY we are specialized for the detection and characterization of bacteriophages in bacterial cell banks and pharmaceutical samples of any kind. Moreover we provide services in the field of pyrogen analytics (EP 2.6.30), sterility validation (DIN ISO 11737-1), antimicrobial preservation (EP 2.5.333) and many more. In the section of PRECLINICAL AND IMMUNE ANALYTICS MicroMol has implemented a highly innovative combination of Flow Cytometry, Elispot, Mesoscale and ELISA technology enabling the determination of PD, PK and ADA-analysis as well as the analysis of PBMCs in preclinical and clinical samples. MicroMols field of action is completed by the evaluation of the BIOCOMPATIBILITY OF MEDICAL DEVICES according to the DIN ISO 10993. In this context we are specialized on the in vitro part offering services such as the determination of cytotoxicity in vitro (ISO 10993-5), irritation to skin (ISO 10993-10) and eye (OECD TG 460), sensitization in vitro (IS0 10993- 10/OECD TG442d) and genotoxicity (ISO 10993-3). Our services are strictly performed according to the demands of international guidelines such as the European Pharmacopoeia, the USP, the ICH as well as the OECD guidelines.

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