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GATC Biotech ist Europas führender Anbieter von Sequenzierdienstleistungen und Bioinformatik. Für unsere Kunden aus Industrie und akademischer Forschung entwickeln wir seit mehr als 25 Jahren innovative und komplette Lösungen rund um Sequenzierung und bioinformatische Analyse – für einzelne DNA-Proben bis hin zu kompletten Genomprojekten. Bisher hat GATC Biotech über 15 Millionen Proben sequenziert, darunter zigtausende Genome von Pflanzen, Bakterien und anderen Organismen sowie hunderte von menschlichen Genomen für mehr als zehntausend Kunden weltweit.

Als zertifizierter Agilent und Illumina Service Provider bieten wir Sequenzierungen auf allen führenden Technologien in den unternehmenseigenen Laboren an. Dazu gehören 19 ABI 3730xl für die Sanger-Sequenzierung sowie mehrere Illumina Systeme (zwei HiSeq 4000, vier HiSeq 2500, drei MiSeq) und der Pacific Biosciences’ PacBio RS II für die Next Generation Sequenzierung.

Für eine professionelle Auswertung der riesigen Datenmengen steht eine hauseigene IT-Farm zur Verfügung, welche aus ca. 240 Servern besteht - das sind insgesamt mehr als 2067 Prozessoren. Dazu kommen über 8TB Hauptspeicher und 1024 TB Festplattenspeicher. Als Beispiel: durch die Next Generation Sequenzierung (NGS)-Systeme werden in einer Woche rund 20 TB neue Daten generiert, welche durch den High Performance Cluster analysiert werden.

Das nach ISO 17025 akkreditierte und nach ISO 13485 zertifizierte Genom und Diagnostic Centre mit Schwerpunkt auf der NGS befindet sich im Firmenhauptsitz des Unternehmens in Konstanz. Köln bietet als logistische Drehscheibe den idealen Standort für das ebenfalls ISO-akkreditierte hauseigene Labor der Sanger-Sequenzierung. Voll automatisierte Prozesse aller Labore garantieren die Einhaltung neuester und hochmodernster Qualitätsstandards.

LifeCodexx, eine Tochtergesellschaft der GATC Biotech AG, bietet einen nicht-invasiven molekulargenetischen Test zum Nachweis fetaler Trisomie 21 aus mütterlichem Blut basierend auf Next Generation Sequenzierung. Der Test ermöglicht eine risikolose Alternative zu herkömmlichen invasiven Untersuchungsmethoden wie z.B. der Amniozentese.

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GATC Biotech AG 8. Dezember 2014


Lift-off to a new dimension of NGS service

  - Benefit from a modular setup which meets your scientific needs

  - Gain easy access to sequencing capacity and cost-effective workflows 

You belong to our power users and you wish to obtain different amounts of raw data for each sample? GATC Biotech offers now a new standard to address this for Next Generation Sequencing. Outsource the sequencing workload at peak times with scalable data output starting with small units of 5 million reads.

NGSelect, our novel modular system allows you to select your individual combinations. A range of pre-sequencing, library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis is offered to design your own project. The latest and most suitable technologies are the basis of this cost-efficient approach.

Meet your individual project requirements using a flexibility never experienced before in NGS.

Discover what's in it for you!

GATC Biotech AG 1. Dezember 2014

Facilitate project planning

GATC Biotech has leveraged the latest improvements of sequencing technologies and lab protocols to enable maximum flexibility for your NGS projects.

These new developments will allow you to meet your requirements easily:

Sequencing coverage now definable in multiples of 30x

Scale your guaranteed average on target coverage for InView™ Human Exome

Sequencing output as required 

Choose the required output in steps of 30 million reads or 30 million read pairs depending on the choosen InView™ Transcriptome

Read length extended to 125bp

With the recent technology upgrades, we pass the enhanced overall utility with  a higher data output and faster turnaround directly to you. You will further notice a significantly increased number of uniquely mapped reads accompanied by an enhanced overall mapping rate. 

Benefit from the latest improvements and make your project a success! Contact our Customer Service now -!

GATC Biotech AG 20. Oktober 2014

Product of the month: InViewTM Human Exon

Whole exome sequencing is a powerful tool for the identification of disease-causing mutations. It is used in the diagnosis of rare and common diseases, including cancer and severe Mendelian disorders.

Your research approach is based on this essential part of the human genome and you have precious samples?  Our low amount input approach enables researchers to analyse samples, while retaining sufficient material for future tests.

Your research produces only small batch sizes? We also analyse single samples providing you with the results in record breaking speed.

You rely on pre-determined coverage?  We guarantee your chosen coverage of at least 30x, 60x or even 120x.

You always strive for the best? We do the same by using mechanical shearing for great uniformity of coverage and by following the SureSelectXT post capture protocol for highest enrichment efficiency. 

Focus on the essential! Our InView Human Exon is the perfect solution for fast variant detection and translational studies. Choose between three different delivery times according to your needs. Our ISO 17025 accredited Genome and Diagnostics Centre meets the high standards in clinical research and guarantees you the data quality you expect for your project. 

Choose your InView Human Exon solution today!

GATC Biotech AG 18. September 2014

Product of the Month: InViewTM Epigenome

More and more prevalent diseases, like cancer or diabetes, are known to be influenced by epigenetic factors. For example, during carcinogenesis a change occurs in the DNA methylation pattern within CpG islands. The characterisation of the methylation could be used to identify biomarkers for early cancer detection.

You are interested in the growing field of epigenomics? Our ISO 17025 accredited Genome and Diagnostics Centre meets these high standards in clinical research and follows the recommendations of the International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC). Build on our long-term experience in isolating circulating cell-free DNA, as well as Whole Genome (BS-Seq) and Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS-Seq) proven in renowned cancer research projects and publicly funded projects, such as EpiFemCare

You need to "dig deeper" into the methylome? GATC Biotech’s InView™ Epigenome offers a standardised solution with high-end bisulfite conversion rate and allows the identification of methylation patterns at true base level resolution.  

You need to be flexible? You can scale the coverage according to your requirements. 

You want to deal with high-quality raw data yourself or receive our comprehensive Data Analysis Report with ready-to-publish data? Our optimised workflow and proprietary BioIT pipeline ensures the right solution for your approach.

GATC Biotech AG 22. August 2014

Product of the month: InView™ Transcriptome

There is much to take into consideration for gene expression and gene regulation studies. No matter if you are about to detect and identify common or rare transcripts, analyse gene expression, determine alternative splicing events or seek information about structure and orientation of the transcript - InView Transcriptome is your solution. InView Transcriptome can be ordered in three different packages EXPLORE, ADVANCE and DISCOVER. EXPLORE is the right choice, if you want to explore gene expression under specific conditions and compare expression levels of different samples with a guaranteed read coverage of 30 million. ADVANCE allows you to dig deeper with the possibility of monitoring even rare transcripts. For this package we also increased the number of guaranteed single reads (50 bp) to 60 million. DISCOVER offers you the most comprehensive analysis of expression level, sequence and structure. Our strand-specific RNA library combined with Illumina’s 100 bp paired end sequencing (60 million reads coverage guaranteed) enables the detection of novel transcripts and splicing variants in great detail and with a high sensitivity.

GATC Biotech AG 24. Juli 2014

Revolutionise your human exome studies!

InView™ Human Exon – Fastest variant detection for clinical research and translational studies. Exome enrichment and massively parallel sequencing of the coding regions is a versatile and economic tool for researches who want to identify relevant disease-causing mutations. InView™ 2-weeks Exome is a highly standardised complete solution for clinical and medical researchers to help them answer important questions faster. Highlights: - fast access within 10 business days, starting from one sample - applicable for genomic DNA and various other sources (tissue, cells, blood and FFPE sample) - special protocol for low-input samples (please refer to Service & Specifications) InView™ 2-weeks Exome is a result of our customer-driven innovation process in close collaboration with partners from DKFZ (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum) or NCT (Nationales Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen) in Heidelberg, Germany. "GATC Biotech proved itself to be a reliable sequencing partner..." Prof. Dr. Peter Lichter, Head of Molecular Genetics, DKFZ, Heidelberg InView™ 2-weeks Exome is the solution for your cutting-edge clinical research.

GATC Biotech AG 27. Juni 2014

Upcoming InView™ product releases

Brandnew in the InView™ product pipeline: Microbiome Profiling 2.0 will soon be available for your fungal microbiome, too. GATC Biotech offers ITS analysis using Illumina technology and allowing parallel pooling of up to 96 samples. Benefit from extended 2 x 300 bp paired-end sequencing for higher specificity and a sufficient data output for precise profiling of organisms down to species level. Coming soon… Watch out for GATC Biotech at the EMBO GENOMES in Paris!

GATC Biotech AG 15. Mai 2014

GATC InView™ – Next Gen Sequencing-basierte Lösungen

GATC InView™ – Zielgerichtete Next Gen Sequencing-basierte Lösungen für spezifische wissenschaftliche Fragestellungen Die InView™-Applikationen der GATC Biotech bieten, maßgeschneidert für Ihr spezifisches Wissenschaftsgebiet, umfassende Next Generation Sequencing-basierte Analysekonzepte. Dieses Serviceangebot umfasst alle Schritte von der Qualitätskontrolle, über die Sequenzierung bis hin zur bioinformatischen Analyse. Mit einer Kombination aus hochwertigen zertifizierten Service-Standards und fokussierten Arbeitsabläufen garantieren wir Ihnen höchste Datenqualität und eine effiziente Durchführung ihrer Projekte. So sorgt ein engagiertes Projektmanagement-Team, bestehend aus wissenschaftlichen Spezialisten und Bioinformatikern, für eine kontinuierliche Betreuung und Überwachung jedes einzelnen Projektschritts. GATC Biotech bietet bereits seit 2006 Next Generation Sequencing-Services an. Um unseren Kunden die innovativsten Lösungen für ihre Forschungsfragen zu bieten, investieren wir stets frühzeitig in vielversprechende Technologien und neueste Trends. Als von Agilent und Illumina zertifizierter Servicedienstleister garantieren wir, dass unsere Labormethoden den neuesten Qualitätsstandards entsprechen. Seit Juni 2012 sind die Next Generation Sequencing-Plattformen Illumina HiSeq, Illumina MiSeq, Roche FLX und PacBio RS II offiziell von der Deutschen Akkreditierungsstelle DAkkS akkreditiert - nach den internationalen ISO-Normen 17025. Optimierte LIMS-gesteuerte Workflows • Barcode-Etikettierung ermöglicht eine eindeutige Identifizierung Ihrer Proben • Online-Nachverfolgung in Echtzeit ermöglicht ein hohes Maß an Transparenz des gesamten Sequenzierungs-Projekts Schnelle Probenbearbeitung • Zuverlässige und kurze Lieferzeiten in Anhängigkeit von der Komplexität des Projekts

GATC Biotech AG 17. April 2014

Successful events: Analytica + Dt. Biotechnologietage

This years’ Analytica attracted more than 34,400 visitors to Munich. The exhibitors reached a record number of 1,142 companies from 40 participating countries. GATC Biotech as one of them, would like to grab the opportunity and say thank you very much for the fruitful discussions and and the trust you place in our company. In Munich, our brand new InView™ Transcriptome products were taken centre stage. InView™ Transcriptome EXPLORE, ADVANCE and DISCOVER are perfectly suited for your RNA-Seq projects. The InView™ product family offers you highly standardised packages which are scaled to fit any application – no matter if you are working on, e.g. transcriptome studies, microbiome profiling, de novo genome assembly or human exome studies. Save time and effort by choosing one of our best practice InView™ products, which contain what’s needed for a successful completion of your sequencing project. Learn more about service and specifications, deliverables and additional benefits at Also the ‚Deutsche Biotechnolgietage‘ last week, once again provided a scientific platform for networking across the German biotech landscape. It was a great opportunity for established and emerging biotech companies to discuss current research concerns. As one of the Platin sponsors, GATC Biotech enjoyed the many interesting discussions at our booth and the talks on present status and future prospects of biotech hot topics, such as individualised medicine.

GATC Biotech AG 11. April 2014

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!

Im April feiern wir den 15. Geburtstag unseres GATC Böxles! Feiern Sie mit uns. Basteln Sie für unseren Fotowettbewerb einen Böxle-Freund und schicken Sie diesen nach Köln zur "Grand Parade" oder finden Sie in unserem Geburtstagsgewinnspiel ein "Goldenes Böxle".