TSKgel mAb SEC

TSKgel SW-type columns are silica-based. A hydrophilic diol-type bonded phase shields the silica surface from interacting with protein samples. Four different pore sizes are available. 125 Å pore size for analysis of small proteins and peptides 250 Å pore size for most protein samples 300 Å pore size for mAb aggregates 450 Å pore size for very large proteins and nucleic acids What sets TSKgel SW-type columns apart from the competition? TSKgel SW-type columns contain more pore volume per unit column volume, which results in higher MW selectivity or better resolution. Particle sizes for the TSKgel SW-type column lines are: TSKgel UltraSW: 3 micron TSKgel SuperSW: 4 micron TSKgel SWXL: 5-8 micron TSKgel SW: 10-13 micron See each of the TSKgel SW-type product lines for representative calibration curves.

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